Hebie is a Germany company with the motto 'Only Hebie can make your bike complete' The company has been manufacturing quality bicycle accessories for over fifty years providing simple and elegant solutions that make day to day cycling that little bit easier. Hebie products are to be found on many major brand bicycles as part of their standard specification. Hebie make a huge range of products. Here in the UK we are concentrating on two key areas - propstands and chainguards including the unique Chaingliders. The Chainglider is unique in that it fits around the chain and sprockets without being fixed to the frame. It creates very little noise during use and will help increase the service life of your components as well as keeping your clothing clean. Hebie propstands are substantial and come in many guises - from heavy duty Bipod stands for heavy electric bicycles to the low rider rack stand. The steering stabiliser is an ideal partner for the centre stands or cycles with a basket fitted as it greatly increases the stability when on the stand without affecting the handling of the bicycle.

Photos List
Thumb hb360 42t
Thumb hb368 48t
Thumb hb69906 adapter plate for hbp1 605
Thumb hcplate1 in situ
Thumb 1689 0 full chainbar0394 black 11
Thumb hbcb38s 38t silver
Thumb hb392 42t aluminium chainguard
Thumb hb398 48t aluminium chainguard
Thumb 1455 0 full  hrs4 616 11
Thumb hrs5 618 15.08
Thumb 1456 0 full hbp6 608 11
Thumb 160 0 full s l1600 11
Thumb 159 0 full hbp3 690 nle 11
Thumb 157 0 full hbp1 605 11
Thumb hb069da in situ
Thumb 1060 0 full hcsp counter plate  bolt 11
Thumb hbr1 chainglider 16   18t
Thumb hbr2 chainglider 18   22t
Thumb 1849 0 full 0350r b e1 11
Thumb 1849 0 full 350 nuvinci harmony 11
Thumb hbr5 nuvinci n360 16   22t
Thumb 1849 0 full 350 r s15 11
Thumb hb0342 38t
Thumb hb360 44t
Thumb hb0395 38t
Thumb 756 steckblech 16zoll 05
Thumb hbm13 20%22 child's set 757
Thumb h0599 01 hitch cup
Thumb h0599 03 hitch pin
Thumb h059905 seat post adaptor
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