OverBoard Dry Tubes

OverBoard have created a range of dry tubes designed to carry your essential clothes, gear and tech out and about whatever your preferred sports maybe. With a waterproof rating of IP66, they can handle a quick submersion and will float on the surface for easy retrieval. Made of either hard wearing PVC or lightweight TPU, each OverBoard dry tube bag is submersible and easy to wipe clean meaning that they are up to some rough use. With a wide variety of sizes on offer, you’ll easily find a bag for all your needs.


Photos List
Ob1003blk sealed front 1617464731
Ob1003b sealed front 1617466274
Ob1003r sealed front 1617465977
Ob1003wht sealed front 1617465608
Ob1003y sealed front 1617464264
Ob1005blk sealed front 1617468116
Ob1005wht sealed front 1617468466
Ob1005p sealed front 1617469013
Ob1005r sealed front 1617469452
Ob1005wht sealed front 1617467842
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