OverBoard Waterproof Bags & Cases

OverBoard - It all began on the beaches of Thailand and Australia - back in 2006. Having been friends since uni, Dan and Joel the founders of OverBoard quit the rat race and slipped on their flip flops to spend six months on an epic beach, boat, surf and scuba holiday. For weeks they fought to keep their technology, valuables and clothes safe from the impact of water and sand. And finally light dawned – what they needed was a totally trustworthy waterproof bag that guarantee them peace of mind without slowing them down. More than that, if this was their need it had to be true for thousands of others too. Back home, even before our tans had faded, they were researching, designing, innovating and producing their first prototypes – the perfect dry bags. 

Fast forward to today and OverBoard are the leaders in waterproof bags and cases, with customers and distributors in over 70 countries. Sure, it’s been hard work – but there are perks. Not only do they test everything in the factory, the ultimate trial is in real life situations, ideally with the sun beating down. And somebody has to do it!  

…Keep it dry!


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