LEAF Trailer



The trailer designed for shopping, travelling and city life. When space is at a premium The Leaf is perfect. It quickly folds flat for compact storage when you want to put it away and unfolds just as quickly and easily.  Carry the weeks shopping, your travel bag to and aroud the airport or on the train, take a picnic to the park.  The versitlity for using the The Leaf is limited only by your imagination and needs.


Photos List
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Cfl1 leaf side view 1568131521
Cfl5 lollypop elastomer  1569501164
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569602775
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569602716
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569603530
Cfy35 16  complete wheel left 1569603486
Cfy33 16  wheel 1587744404
Cfy39   40 tyres 1587746111
Cfy29 rubber hub cap 1569601305
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