Busch & Muller

Busch & Muller is a family run company based in Germany. It is the leading European manufacturer of quality lighting products for cyclists. Its products are recognised as market leaders world wide. The range encompasses dynamos, dynamo lights, battery lights, mirrors for bicycles and motorbikes and a wide range of complimentary accessories. In 2015 Busch & Muller celebrated its 90th anniversary. What began in 1925 with the production of cat's eyes has grown into a renowned company with a comprehensive product portfolio for the cycle industry. Busch & Muller is regarded as a trendsetter within the cycle industry with its new product ideas and its use of the latest manufacturing technology. Whether the special IQ2 reflector technology for LED headlights, near field illumination, LIGHT24 daytime running lights, the strip light technology of LineTec or the brake light function BrakeTec, their products are always one step ahead of the competition. However, modern vehicle technology requires more than functionality, design plays an important role. Many of their products have received prestigious design awards. The IF Design Award for Good Industrial Design, the Red Dot Award for High Design Quality as well as environmental awards. Products from Busch & Muller represent the visual and technical forefront in modern vehicle technology, innovation and ecology are closely interrelated within their ethos. Product development and design, engineering, tooling, plastics and metal processing, assembly even electroplating are all carried out in house at the Meinerzhagen facility. This unprecedented vertical integration adds value and the company is united under one roof. Products made by Busch & Muller are genuinely "Made in Germany."
Photos List
Thumb bml30 dtoplight xs plus 50 80mm
Thumb bmde1
Thumb bml129 iq x black 100 lux front view
Thumb bml130 iq x silver 100 lux side view
Thumb bml136 2c
Thumb bml124 ixon core flash 50 lux front view
Thumb bmle3 cyo premium 80 lux off side view
Thumb bmle19 fly e
Thumb 2015 0 full bmle10 iq x e bike side view 7
Thumb 2104 0 full bmle11 iq xs black front view 70 lux 7
Thumb 1841 0 full secula mudguard 7
Thumb bmle4 secula linetec 6v dc in situ
Thumb bmle20 upp e
Thumb bml136 2c
Thumb bml136 2c
Thumb bml28 4dtoplight permanent 50 80mm
Thumb 643 0 full bmd12c 500 7
Thumb 643 0 full bmd12c 500 7
Thumb 642 0 full bmd11 500 7
Thumb 640 0 full bmd11 500 7
Thumb 88 0 full bmd23 500 7
Thumb 1852 0 full avy 7
Thumb bml116 avy n 40 lux front view
Thumb bml117 avy n plus 30 lux off side view
Thumb bml118 avy t senso plus 40 lux front view
Thumb 470u
Thumb 1780 0 full 427sh  sattelhalter  montiert 7
Thumb bml91 classic  n 25 lux side view
Thumb bml83 classic n plus 25 lux side view
Thumb bml83 classic n plus 25 lux side view
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