Hebie Steering Stabilizer 696 Model

The concept behind the Hebie steering stabilizer is to help stabilize the front end of the bicycle whilst parked. Without the stabilizer in place the front wheel can turn too far thus unbalancing the bike whilst the bike rests on a prop stand. The stabilizer prevents this happening making the wheel significantly more stable. It also helps improve the general riding comfort due to higher stability of the front wheel especially when riding with loaded baskets or bags. An added bonus is that wiring for lights etc are not damaged by being over stretched when the wheel rotates too far.  A simple yet effective solution from Hebie!

Key Features:

  • Simple yet effecitve solution for front end stability
  • Permanently elastic elastomer stabilizer element
  • Suitable for tube diameter 28 - 62 mm
  • Suitable for direct fitting
  • Including frame clamp and all fixings
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Weight: 75 g

Assembly Video:  










MSRP: £25.00


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