Busch+Müller E-WERK Device Charger











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Key Features:

  • Designed to charge mobile electronic devices without mains supply
  • Connected via a hub dynamo
  • Voltage and current supplied can be adjusted to suit
  • Universal connections including USB, Mini USB and Micro USB
  • Supplied with special plugs for SON and Shimano hub dynamos
  • Splash and rain water proof
  • Watertight cable screw joints
  • Universally usable
  • Charges from approximately 8 km/h
  • Voltage up to 13.3 V and current unto 1.5 A
  • Can be supplied with up to 50 V DC enabling it to work with an E-Bike or car battery
  • Measurements: 32 x 88 x 23mm 
  • Weight: Approximately 53 g without accessories

It is your responsibility to ensure that your device is compatible with the E-WERK before charging

Busch+Müller have designed the E-WERK to allow you to charge mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones, GPS devices, MP3 players and other electronic devices whilst riding. The E-WERK connects to a hub dynamo and makes the generated energy available to charge and or power the mobile device. The voltage and current can be adjusted in small increments to suit the mobile device being charged. Maximum voltage is 13.3V and current upto 1.5A. It is supplied with multiple adapter cables. The E-WERK begins to charge a device at about 8 km/h. At about 15 km/h the E-WERK is charging as quickly as a standard mains connected charger. It can be fed with up to 50 V DC so that it can operate with an E-Bike or car battery. The E-WERK can be connected to bicycle frames of varying diameters in any suitable position by utilising the runner bands or cables straps. Supplied with a range of connection options including universal connections for USB, Mini USB and Micro USB. It also has special plugs for SON and Shimano hub dynamos.


Busch+Müller vouches solely for a faultless functioning of the E-WERK. Exempt from liability is any damage to connected devices of all kinds. It cannot be guaranteed that the E-WERK is able to power all connectable devices. For example, some mobile devices cannot be charged while riding due to fluctuating voltages. Other devices have to be switched back manually to be powered by the E-WERK after stopping. Both types of devices can be powered using a suitable cache battery, e.g. the B+M cache battery which can be purchased separately (Amba code: BMEC).

For battery powered devices that do not accept external power sources and can neither be powered nor charged by the E-WERK or a cache battery, batteries can be removed and charged by the E-WERK using an external charging device. Please contact the device's manufacturer for information regarding powering and charging!