AXA Foldable Lock 600

Key Features:

  • Safety level 7
  • Hardened steel shackles and housing
  • Supplied with two keys
  • Online key replacement service available
  • Hand operated cylinder cover to protect from moisture and dirt designed to extend the life span
  • Compact transport holder
  • International online key service
  • Length 95 cm
  • 6.5 mm shackle diameter
  • Pivot points for easy locking to fixed objects
  • Weight: 850 gm

This key operated foldable lock is suitable for use with all types of bikes and is incredibly easy to use. Each individual shackle can be folded in a different direction than the one before, making it extremely easy to maneuver the shackles through a wheel or around an object. The hardened steel shackles of the lock are covered by thick, strong neoprene material to protect the cable. The frame holder is very easy to use and fits compactly on to the frame of your bike securing the lock for safe transportation when not in use. This lock is also compatible with E-Bikes.

For misplaced keys use the international online key service - order your key at and your replacement key will be delivered within a few days. You will need to take note of your key number.


MSRP: £45.00


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