Supernova E-Bike Lights 25 km/h

E-Bike lights are split into two categories under EU regulations:

E-BIKE Lights 25 Km/h:

Only a wide and far reaching beam can turn a fast ride into a safe ride. In the dark it is crucial that E-Bike riders recognize obstacles early on and even in daytime, it is vital to be registered by surrounding traffic as a fast moving vehicle. With Supernova E-Bike lights you can start enjoying your ride and feel safe!

Rear Lights:

Supernova offer two 12V rear lights which are charged via the E-Bike system.  Please consult with your bike retailer to confirm that the system on your bike is suitable.

Also you can use any of the E3 Tail Lights. Click Here

Some Bosch systems can now be upgraded from 6V to 12V which offers more light output from the 12V versions of these rear lights.  Your retailer should be able to do this software upgrade for you.