Croozer Click & Crooz Axle Nut FG 10.5

Is the rear axle of your bicycle too short for installing the Click & Crooz Universal Hitch or is the Universal Hitch incompatible with other equipment on your bicycle? Then the Click & Crooz Axle Nut Hitch may be perfect for you. Simply replace the existing axle nut with your new Click & Crooz Axle Nut Hitch and you’re ready to roll!

Please note: This hitch has an internal thread of FG 10.5 and is compatible with the following common hub gear systems among others:


  • Spectro S7/Super 7
  • Spectro P5/Pentasport
  • Spectro T3
  • Spectro 3 x 7
  • Dual Drive I + II 

For Croozer Kid Standard and Croozer Kid PLUS models manufactured in or after 2016.


  • For Croozer Kid Standard and Croozer Kid PLUS
  • Models manufactured in or after 2016
  • Integrated Click & Crooz hitch
  • With an internal thread of 3/8” x 26 TPI
  • For Sram Spectrom Dual Drive
  • Not downwards compatible
  • 2 ring grooves

MSRP: £19.00


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