Busch+Müller Core Flash & IXXI Bicycle Light Set

Smart and compact light set from Busch+Müller. Consisting of the Ixon Core Flash front light and the IXXI seat post light in one practical package:

Core Key Features:

  • High Power Mode: 50 lux (3 hours plus)
  • Low Power Mode: 12 lux (15 hours plus)
  • Light at close range
  • Silver anodised aluminum casing
  • Integrated, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • Charged via micro USB port
  • Supplied with a USB cable and charger
  • Fully charged within approximately 2.5 hours with the original charger 
  • Fully charged with other USB chargers within approximately 3.5 to 7 hours
  • Can be charged via a standard mobile phone charger or by connecting to the computer
  • The electronic system (90% efficiency) shows battery capacity, charging process and condition and prevents over charging
  • Splash and rainwater proof
  • Weight 112 gm
  • Fits handlebars 25.4 - 31.8 mm

IXXI Key Features:

  • Integrated rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • Run time: 15 hours
  • Charging via B+M mains adapter takes approximately 2.5 hours
  • Charging via micro USB port takes approximately 3 - 4 hours
  • Indicator LED shines when the light is on
  • Switches off automatically to protect the battery from depth charging
  • Approved by German road traffic regulations

Core Front Light:

Small yet very mobile the Core offers numerous features.  Incorporating IQ2 technology, light at close range and a fantastic quality and depth of light for road or track  and it also has additional flashing signaling LEDs to be seen with. It is environmentally friendly and uses rechargeable batteries. The Core utilises a radically designed special reflector with an integrated cooling system. The white light comes from a high powered LED that is used as an indirect light source creating a uniformly illuminated output which is very bright, wide and homogeneous.  Charging is via micro USB port with the cable and charger included. Supplied with a universal mounting bracket to fit all standard handlebars 25.4 - 31.8 mm, it is rotatable and traversable.  It is easy to remove with one click

Light At Close Range:

For a secure ride it is important to be able to see the road directly in front of the bicycle. Bumps or potholes in the road can be seen better if this area is lit and can be circumnavigated by short and intuitive steering. During darkness this is only possible if the area between one and four metres in front of the bicycle is lit brightly and homogenously. Subjectively the need for light at close range is higher the slower one is riding, because one's balance can more easily be influenced by obstacles. "With light at close range" means that the light field emitted by the Busch+Müller headlights starts directly one metre in front of the bicycle

IQ Technology: The Light Revolution: 

Designed by Busch+Müller the core of IQ-TEC is the revolutionary idea to use a high output LED as an indirect light source. The complete reflective surface is used to focus and guide the light. If one looks into the reflector of an IQ headlight one only sees the metalised surface. Once the headlight is turned on what takes its place is "nothing but light" with superb efficiency and barely any wasted stray light

5 Modes: 

  • 50 Lux HighPower
  • 50 Lux HighPower + Flash
  • 12 Lux LowPower
  • 12 Lux LowPower + Flash
  • Flash only


IXXI Rear Light:

The IXXI is a very small compact rear battery with a high output LED. It is very bright with a large beam angle. It can be fitted to all seat posts - just place the light against the seat post and attach the rubber mounting strip around the seat post. 53 mm height x 31 mm wide. Weight 35 g including battery and mount. The light unit can be removed from the robust rubber casing with just one hand movement allowing access to the bottom charging port. Charged via micro USB port (cable included)

What is LineTec?

When a rear light shines only as a single point of light, other traffic participants approaching a bicycle at night from behind can estimate the distance only inadequately.  This changes when the rear light becomes a wide light strip: Now the distance can be percieved much more accurately, because the light strip emits a "spatial light" in the 'spaceless' dark.  This special technology that creats a homogenous light strip from one high output LED is called LineTec

MSRP: £115.00


Minimum quantity: 1

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