AXA Newton U-Lock 300/14

Key Features:

  • Safety level 8
  • Anti drilling plate in cylinder
  • Mounting bracket for easy transportation
  • Hand operated cylinder cover to protect from moist and dirt and extend life span
  • 2 spare keys (3 in total) instead of just 1 spare key
  • Length 300 mm
  • Hardened shackle of 14 mm
  • Details in stainless steel

The AXA Newton UL is a hardened steel U shaped lock, with a modern desig.  Ideal for use with bikes and light motorised vehicles. The Newton UL is made of hardened steel material and has a shackle with a diameter of 14 mm.

The anti drilling cylinder is protected from moisture and dirt by a hand operated cover for a longer life span of the lock. The mounting bracket ensures that you can transport the lock comfortably. 



MSRP: £37.00



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