Croozer Baby Seat Supporter For Croozer Pre 2010 Models

Designed for pre 2010 Croozer KID 1 and KID 2 Standard trailers. It provides extra postural support for smaller children who can already sit up but whose back muscles are not yet fully developed. The padded side and headrests also make it more comfortable and provide support during naps. The head support height is adjustable and can be removed when the child is wearing a helmet.

Key Features:

  • For toddlers from approximately ten to eighteen months depending on the physical development of your child
  • This Croozer baby supporter is only compatible with 2010 models onwards

Safety & Protection

The baby sling is recommended for babies up to approximately ten months. This seat supporter is for babies from approximately ten to eighteen months. Each baby will vary due to individual growth and strength in the spine and neck.

MSRP: £40.00


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