Croozer Integral Baby Sling 2014 Onwards

In the comfortable Croozer Baby Sling, your baby can ride with you in a back friendly, reclining position. Safety first: the sides are extra high and the Baby Sling is mounted with tension between the frame tubes. The Baby Sling also has its own harness system for fast and easy installation. It comes with a removable head pad for additional support.  Designed for infants up to approximately 10 months of age with a maximum height of 75 cm and maximum weight of 10 kg.  Designed for the 2018 trailers this sling can be retro fitted to models from 2014 onwards.

Key Features:

  • For Croozer Kid Standard and Kid Plus
  • Compatible with 2014 models onwards
  • For single and double trailers
  • Padded 5 point harness
  • Additional head supporter for travel safely and comfortably
  • Trailer can be folded flat with the sling in situ
  • The Winter Kit available as an accessory
  • Colour: Arctic Green

Baby Sling Video:

Simple Adjustments:  Gently Inclined: 8 Point Attachment:

With the Easy Pull harness system, you can adjust the strap lengths in a flash – even when your child is bundled up in thick winter clothing.

The Baby Sling is mounted at a gentle incline, ensuring an ergonomic and back-friendly reclining position. Young Croozer passengers can ride along from infancy.

The Baby Sling is mounted to the safety frame of the passenger compartment at 8 points. It absorbs vibrations and ensures a safe and gentle ride.



Safety & Protection:

The baby sling is recommended for babies up to approximately ten months. The seat supporter is for babies from approximately ten to twenty months. Each baby will vary due to individual growth and strength in the spine and neck.

MSRP: £85.00


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