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RRP £22.00
Busch&Muller Secula - Mudguard Fitting
Busch & Muller Lights & Mirrors : Battery Lights
Busch&Muller Secula - Mudguard Fitting - Click to enlarge.
Rear View - Click to enlarge.


Available in:
  • Mudguard Mounted
    New for 2016 this is the battery version of the popular Secula mudguard mounted dynamo light. This light is compact and incorporates the LineTec technology. A prism system which creates an exceptionally bright light crown powered by one high powered LED which is very distinctive due to its 'spatial' shape. This enables other traffic participants to better estimate the distance to the bicycle. The elegant transparent glass on the circumference shines bright red when in use. It also has a centrally integrated rear reflector and is supplied with 2 AAA batteries
Key Features
    LineTec® - Light circle for more safety

    LineTec is a light technology featuring a special lens system designed by B&M. A red LineTec circle of light runs all around the tail light to offer a very wide light area. Why is that important? In the past, as another road user approached a bicycle at night from behind all that could be seen was a single point of light emitting from the rear light. This meant that the distance to the rider could only be estimated inadequately. B&M wanted to address the need to accurately estimate this distance by providing a capacity for the human eye to register the spatial relationship to the rider, especially in the dark. Hence LineTec was created. A rear light sending out a LineTec light strip emits 'spatial light' allowing other road users to estimate the distance to the rider much better and more quickly.
  • Mudguard mounted
  • Single high powered LED
  • Exceptionally bright LineTec light crown
  • Centrally integrated rear reflector
  • Compact casing 38 x 55 mm