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RRP £199.00
Supernova Airstream 2 Front Battery Light
Supernova Lights : Battery Lights
Supernova Airstream 2 Front Battery Light - Click to enlarge.
Airstream 2 Grey - Click to enlarge. Airstream 2 Off Side View - Click to enlarge. Handlebar Mounted - Click to enlarge. Stem Mounted - Click to enlarge. Helmet Mounted - Click to enlarge. Terraflux2 Lens - Click to enlarge. Airstream 2 Presentation Box - Click to enlarge. Terraflux 2 Lens - Click to enlarge. Quick Release Bracket - Click to enlarge. Airflow Over The Airstream 2 - Click to enlarge. Airstream 2 In Situ - Click to enlarge. Airstream 2 In Situ 2 - Click to enlarge.


Available in:
  • Black
    There are three things a front light needs to do

  • To provide bright illumination for safety and visibility
  • To be waterproof for use in all weathers
  • To be extremely resilient so that you are not suddenly left in the dark

  • The Airstream 2 does all of this. It is one of the brightest LED front lights in the world. Its saltwater proof aluminium body makes it practically invincible and will make your daily nike routine easier for years to come. Use it for daily commuting or rugged off road riding

    Cooling Power

    Modern high performance LEDs can be come extremely hot. To avoid this Supernova made a cooling a top priority during the design stage of the Airstream 2. Whenever the front light is at full capacity the specially tailored cooling fins eliminate the LED's heat. By maintaining a low temperature level, the best possible light results can be produced and the brightness stays consistent throughout the LED's lifespan. All that's needed is a minimal airflow. Should the temperature rise to a critical point, in built sensors automatically trigger a mechanism that slowly dims the LED until a moderate temperature is restored again. Then the Airstream 2 returns to its original light intensity. This functionality therefore makes the Airstream 2 an ideal companion for those seeking a durable and reliable light.

    Twenty cooling fins are arranged in line with the incoming airstream forming the ideal design for the dissipation of unwanted heat from your LED. These fins increase the surface area by as much as three times. In contrast to many manufacturers Supernova uses aluminium housings rather than plastic because this guarantees a better cooling
Key Features
  • Easy to use
  • Highly efficient Terraflux2 lens
  • Sealed lithium-ion battery
  • Glowing, glove friendly button
  • Battery capacity indicator - red and green LEDs indicate the remaining burn time
  • Weather proof and resistant to cold up to -20C
  • Safety side illumination
  • USB charge function - also while running the light
  • Extreme brightness thanks to excellent LED cooling
  • CREE Power LED of the highest efficiency
  • 6061 aircraft aluminium body
  • Plug in rear Airstream2 rear light
  • Universal 2 axis mounting
  • Two year warranty
  • Max brightness: 205 lumen*
  • Burn time: 2.5 - 24h (4 dim modes)
  • Lens type: Supernova Terraflux 2
  • Illuminant: CREE LED
  • Length x diameter: 105 x 41 mm
  • Material: 6061 Aluminium
  • Weight: 165g

  • Burn Times

  • Setting 1: 2.5 hours
  • Setting 2: 3.5 hours
  • Setting 3: 7 hours
  • Setting 4: 25 hours

  • * Less Is More

    In 2013, Supernova's LED manufacturer changed its LED reference values: instead of a measurement related to 25° C chip temperature it referenced to 85°C. Therefore Supernova adjusted their values in order that their measurements would remain comparable. This means that the lumen values may be lower for some lights in spite of the fact that they actually become 15 - 40% brighter than their predecessors because of improved LED efficiency. With a cool wind the real life values can again be higher than those in the tables. Not every manufacturer establishes lumen values under the same conditions and therefore it very often happens that lights that are weaker in reality and that the lumen values provided are too high. This means that lumen values of different brands can often not be compared. Only a direct comparison - at least of beam shapes - and if possible in real life conditions is truly valid.
  • USB charging cable
  • Airstream 2 rear light
  • Helmet mount
    Mount It As You Like

    Supplied with a light weight but robust multimount bracket which allows you to install the light in many different positions including on the handlebar and stem. It offers many useful functions

  • Manufactured from CNC machined Aluminium
  • 2 axis adjustment possible for optimal alignment of the beam
  • Stainless steel bolts & Aluminium screws
  • The quick release mount can be installed and removed in a few seconds
  • Fits 25.4, 26.0 and 31.8 mm bars and many stems
  • Supplied with two extremely strong UV resistant EPDM O rings with different elasticities and a 5 year warranty
  • Strong grippy pull flap facilitates easy installation
  • Supplied with Supernova grip tape for slippery handlebars

  • Helmet Mount:

    To illuminate tricky trails use ultra light Airstream2 in conjunction with the helmet mount. Without the need for additional tools its easy to mount the Airstream 2 to vented helmets. Once attached it can be adjusted horizontally or vertically and a soft rubber pad protects the helmet from any damage. Take advantage of the Airstream 2's Terraflux2 lens which guides 90% of the light towards the ground for excellent vision

    Quick Release Mount

    The cutting edge mounting bracket enables you to save time. Its very easy to adjust the height and angle of the cleverly designed bracket. It will stay safely in place even on rough riding areas such as cobblestones. The tail light connector can be securely clipped onto the adapter which is integrated into the bracket. Its also very easy to remove the light so that you can take it with you when away from the bike and use it as a high performance torch
Lens Information
    TERRAFLUX2 - Supernovas Best Lens To Date

    After many years of development and improvements, the new Supernova TERRAFLUX2 lens now surpasses even the high demands of German road regulations. The TERRAFLUX2 technology is capable of guiding over 90% of the light beam onto the ground with greatest efficiency. This means that a considerably greater portion of the light can be used to illuminate the road ahead than with standard lenses. By optimizing the production parameters, Supernova have achieved an excellent homogeneous beam shape with an outstanding, far reaching light that has an unparalleled side illumination as well. The Terraflux2 lens is used in several Supernova lights. Its brilliance is an important part of the quality that makes Supernova lights special.

    The Complex Production Method Explained

    The Supernova TERRAFLUX2 lenses are produced with an additional complex process of added holding pressure after the commonly employed injection of the molten PMMA material with up to 6500 psi. A die integrated into the tool exerts a high and uniform pressure directly onto the light exit surface of the lens while the molten mass is still liquid or while the temperature is still above the yield point. This allows Supernova to achieve a very homogeneous stress distribution inside the component, which gives the TERRAFLUX2 lens its excellent quality
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