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RRP £165.00
Supernova E3 Pro 2 For Road Black
Supernova Lights : Front Lights For Hub Dynamos
Supernova E3 Pro 2 For Road Black - Click to enlarge.
E3 Pro 2 Front Lens View - Click to enlarge. E3 Pro 2 Side Illumination - Click to enlarge. E3 Pro 2 Frozen! - Click to enlarge. E3 Pro 2 Rain Resistant - Click to enlarge. Terraflux2 Lens - Click to enlarge. Terraflux2 Light Field - Click to enlarge. Riding In Town With E3 - Click to enlarge. E3 At Night - Click to enlarge.


Available in:
  • Black
    The E3 Pro 2 is the most popular dynamo light in the Supernova range. It is multi award winning and has been ranked first in many magazine reviews. Whether you are commuting to work or travelling through the remotest landscapes of the world its continuous brilliant light will make sure that you notice every shard of glass or pothole. The illuminated Supenova logo on the side of the light not only provides better visibility to keep you safe it offers wonderful aesthetic look for the light

    The Fascination Of Quality In Detail

    Aluminum Housing

    The housing is made from corrosion resistant anodised 6061 aluminium. This allows for very effective heat dissipation throughout the housing. Every single part can be exchanged

    Terraflux 2 Lens

    The number 1 recommended lens from many magazine reviews. It has a smooth and especially wide illumination. Now manufactured with even more precision

    Long Lasting Stand Light

    The stand light of the E3 Pro 2 shines for more than five minutes as does the Supernova tail light. The power is supplied from a high quality capacitor without memory effect

    Protected Electronics

    The electronics of the E3 are protected from the weather influences by a special treatment. This makes them resistant to corrosion for many years. The full aluminium housing helps to shield the electronics from external interferences

    Selected LEDs

    Supernova only use the best EDs from production batches offering the best colour and efficiency. The LEDs have an idea daylight colour temperature that greatly improves the recognition of obstacles on dark, wet roads

    Stainless Steel Bolts

    All Supernova lights are supplied with corrosion resistant stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Measured lumen value: 205 lumens
  • Input voltage: 6 V AC Dynamo
  • Standlight: 5 minutes
  • Lens type: Terraflux 2
  • Illuminant: Power CREE LED
  • Length x diameter: 65 x 40 mm
  • Material: 6061 Aluminium
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Warranty: 5 years
    Supplied with the Multimount bracket
Lens Information
    TERRAFLUX2 - Supernovas Best Lens To Date

    After many years of development and improvements, the new Supernova TERRAFLUX2 lens now surpasses even the high demands of German road regulations. The TERRAFLUX2 technology is capable of guiding over 90% of the light beam onto the ground with greatest efficiency. This means that a considerably greater portion of the light can be used to illuminate the road ahead than with standard lenses. By optimizing the production parameters, Supernova have achieved an excellent homogeneous beam shape with an outstanding, far reaching light that has an unparalleled side illumination as well. The Terraflux2 lens is used in several Supernova lights. Its brilliance is an important part of the quality that makes Supernova lights special.

    The Complex Production Method Explained

    The Supernova TERRAFLUX2 lenses are produced with an additional complex process of added holding pressure after the commonly employed injection of the molten PMMA material with up to 6500 psi. A die integrated into the tool exerts a high and uniform pressure directly onto the light exit surface of the lens while the molten mass is still liquid or while the temperature is still above the yield point. This allows Supernova to achieve a very homogeneous stress distribution inside the component, which gives the TERRAFLUX2 lens its excellent quality