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About: Supernova

Founded in 1997 by the XC and downhill racer Marcus Wallmeyer Supernova began with battery lights for off road use and later began to design and build dynamo powered, highly efficient lights that can be used on or off road. Using a dynamo system for off road use is 'revolutionary' in terms of high output off road lights and Amba is very proud to present the complete range for the first time officially in the UK.

With the Supernova off road dynamo solution there is no waiting for batteries to be charged and your lights will continue to function in very cold conditions where normal rechargeable batteries will cease to work. The electronics of the Supernova lights use the dynamo power highly efficiently - the complete system is extremely light and much cheaper than any battery powered system due to its long life expectancy. This solution is 'green'.

Supernova have also designed and built two very exceptional battery lights with superbright homogeneous and wide bean patterns for many off road uses.

Supernovas own in house design and development team work in conjunction with prestigious bodies such as the Light Technology Institute based in Kalsruhe, Southern Germany. Supernova is continually researching the latest LED technological developments. This means that new models will have better and brighter output as LEDs evolve. Supernova are so committed to this philosophy that it is possible for the consumer to return his or her light to have the latest compatible LED upgrade for a small charge.

Latest news & reviews

Congratulations To Kristof Allegeart For Winning The Trans Siberian Extreme Stage Race!
Everyone at Amba wants to add their congratulations to Kristof along side the good wishes from Supernova for his victory in the 9195 km long Trans Siberian extreme stage race! Kristof climbed 49,300 m in 15 days and passed 7 time zones. The longest stage was 1342 km.
Tuesday 11 August 2015
Interesting News
Some interesting things are taking place.
Thursday 29 January 2015
Plug lll. Return of the Plug
We are very pleased to announce the Supernova Plug lll is back in the Amba catalogue.
Wednesday 21 January 2015
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