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AMBA Marketing News

Chariot Safety Upgrade Bicycle Kits

Thule the manufacturer of Chariot products is advising consumers of an improvement to their CTS Cycling conversion kits. This improvement affects only certain Chariot Carriers dated between October 2002 and September 2011.
Thule Group is committed to the safety of their consumers. All Chariot products are produced in accordance with all safety regulations available at the time of manufacture and have gone through rigorous internal testing developed by the company with years of experience as the market leader.

Thule have identified that there is a possibility that when their carriers are used as a bike trailer, in extremely rare circumstances, there could be a failure of the Chariot Hitch Arm or the particular versions of the VersaWing 2.0 while in use. This failure risks separation of the carrier from the bicycle. Specifically, in these rare cases, there is a very small potential risk of:

(i) The Chariot Hitch Arms cracking from fatigue (risking failure if a possible cracking is not spotted by the user). Only Hitch Arms manufactured between October, 2002 and September, 2011 are affected.


(ii) The VersaWing 2.0 breaking after the event of a roll over. Only Carriers manufactured between December 2005 to July 2010 are affected.

Please be advised that this is an extremely unlikely risk of product failure and Thule has not received any reports of injuries.

However, as a precautionary measure and in their efforts to continually improve and upgrade their products, they have designed a new revised tether strap for all of their new products as of October 15th, 2011. This safety strap will prevent separation of the bike trailer from the bike in the extremely rare event of a failure.

Thule are offering all existing owners of Chariot Cycling Kits, that may be affected by this issue, the opportunity to receive a free retrofit upgrade kit, which you can easily install on your existing carrier.

The Free Retrofit Upgrade Kit includes the following:
A new revised tether strap for attachment to the Bicycle Trailer hitch arm.
An attachment point by an additional back up loop fastened to the VersaWing 2.0 and carrier frame of all Chariot chassis

In addition Thule will also supply an updated Warning label for you to attach to your hitch arm. The warning label is to remind you as the consumer, the importance to regularly check the condition of the hitch arm.

Order your free retro fit upgrade:


Manual for attaching the backup tether:

Click Here

Manual for attaching the backup loop:

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Maintenance guide:

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Chariot Retro Fit Q&A:

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Old And New Style Tow Arm

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