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AMBA Marketing News

Gateway Outdoors Croozer Demo Centre

Welcome on board to Matt at Gateway Outdoors in Shrewsbury as our latest demo centre for Croozer trailers. Matt ordered a Croozer for his own baby boy so can give lots of advice!

It always seems logical to us that the best advice can be given when you've personally used a product yourself. And the same can be said of our retailers who have Croozer trailers for their own children. Matt is our latest retailer to sign up for a Croozer to enhance his bike riding and family time and we're sure it won't be long before junior is calling for Daddy to 'go faster go faster please Daddy'......

Why not take a moment to look at the Gateway Outdoors website which is a very inspiratinoal site offering many suggestions for great outdoor actives which are supported by qualified and expereinced instructors. On top of the expertise is a wonderfully hands on and personal approach which in our book makes all the difference. For a sneak peek here is the website:

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