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FlapJacked UK FlapJacked UK : Protein Smoothie Mixes

FlapJacked protein smoothie mix with Greek yoghurt is a delicious, portable and protein packed alternative to the traditional breakfast shake. Made with real Greek yoghurt and fortified with a healthy dose of flax and probiotics, this power packed instant breakfast drink won't disappoint your taste buds or your body. Each serving provides 20 grams of protein, 860mg of Omega 3s and 20% RDA of calcium in just 160 calories. And the best part? No blender needed. Just add milk, shake it up and enjoy a rich taste and creamy texture the whole family will love. FlapJacked protein smoothie mixes are available in Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Banana

FlapJacked Chocolate 368g Can

FlapJacked  Chocolate 368g Can
(8 Servings )
RRP £14.99

FlapJacked Strawberry Banana 368g Can

FlapJacked  Strawberry Banana 368g Can
(8 Servings )
RRP £14.99

FlapJacked Vanilla Bean 368g Can

FlapJacked  Vanilla Bean 368g Can
(8 Servings )
RRP £14.99

FlapJacked Vanilla Bean 45g Sachet

FlapJacked  Vanilla Bean 45g Sachet
(Single Serving)
RRP £2.49

FlapJacked Chocolate 45g Sachet

FlapJacked Chocolate 45g Sachet
(Single Serving)
RRP £2.49

FlapJacked Strawberry Banana 45g Sachet

FlapJacked Strawberry Banana 45g Sachet
(Single Serving )
RRP £2.49


How much is a serving?
One serving is one 55 gram cup. Once mixed with water one serving will make one large muffin
What protein source is used?
FlapJacked proudly use whey protein isolate exceeding 92% protein with very little lactose and fat. Whey is one of the purest and most efficacious forms of protein that is very quickly absorbed into the body and has a high concentration of branded chain amino acids (BCAAs). FlapJacked also use a non GMO pea protein isolate containing 80-% protein that is lactose free, low in fat, high in BCAAs and easily digestible
Why are probiotics important?
Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your digestive tract. They help your body maintain a balance between the beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria
What is different about the probiotic used?
FlapJacked specifically chose GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GB-30, 6068) in the Mighty Muffins because of its many properties that made it an idea choice for incorporating into food products. A protective shield around its genetic core allows it to survive against rigorous processes and acidity from the stomach and also retain its activity without refrigeration
I eat oatmeal for breakfast or on the go. Why are these better?
Oatmeal is a very nutritious way to start your day, but on its ow does not supply your body with enough protein, nor does it offer the healthy benefit of probiotics. One cup of plain oatmeal cooked in water gives you just 6g of protein, 28 carbs and 4g of fibre. Why stick to the same old oats when you can have a delicious, hot, fresh muffin with 20g of protein, less than 24 cards, 5g of fibre AND the added benefits of probiotics?
Are FlapJacked Mighty Muffins gluten free and non GMO?
Yes! FlapJacked Might Muffins are certified gluten fee and contain no genetically modified ingredients
What other ingredients do I need?
FlapJacked's Might Muffins were designed for great nutrition and convenience. All you need is water and a microwave
What if I dont have a microwave?
The Mighty Muffin was developed for cooking in a microwave, however if no microwave is available the muffin can be baked in a muffin pan. Pour dry mix from the container into a dish, stir in 60 ml water (add an additional 1TBSP for Cinnamon Apple flavour, spray a muffin pan with non stick spray or insert muffin cases. Pour the batter into two even muffins and bake in a pre heated oven at 350 degrees for 11-12 minutes. Time may vary depending on your oven