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E-Bike Products E-Bike Products

This section is designed to bring together details of our growing range of E-Bike related products from key suppliers

Busch & Muller

On E-Bikes the light system is powered by the vehicle's battery. Therefore E-Bikes require special headlights and rear lights - this goes for both pedelecs and speed E-Bikes. Until 2013 it was not permitted to power the light from the battery, that is why older E-Bikes have a dynamo and a regular bicycle headlight

The Deciding Factor

There is one major technical difference: dynamos supply 6 V AC power, but E-Bike batteries supply DC voltage - depending on build and drive system are from 6 to 42 V or even higher. The B&M headlights are compatible with almost every system - they flexibly operate with a multitude of different voltages. A separate, capacitor powered standlight function is not required because the E-Bike battery constantly supplies power so that standlight is always enabled

Rear Lights

A rear light is mounted to the carrier or mudguard. For both of these mounting options B&M offers compact E-Bike solutions. The Toplight series View E for carrier mounting and the SECULA E for mudguards are E rear lights suitable for DC power. Both shine with the exceptionally bright LineTec light strips and feature an integrated rear reflector

Exception: Speed E-Bike

B&Ms E headlights and rear lights are technically suitable for both pedelecs and speed E-Bikes. However on speed E-Bikes light system alterations are a legal exception: They require an operating permit. To conform to the law, any replacement of headlight or rear light must be either an explicitly permitted modification or checked by an inspection authority and noted in the vehicle's documents. Special ECE approved rear view mirrors are also necessary for speed E-Bikes. They may be replaced without an entry in the operating permit

New Developments

The development rate of pedelecs and speed E-Bikes is increasing. Also vehicle categorisations and regulations can change at any time. B&M are working as quickly as possible to always provide correct answers to all of these changes and requirements - often in the form of individual solutions for different bicycle brands and manufactures


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