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Supernova Lights   Supernova Lights : Battery Lights

No matter if you cycle in bright urban traffic, along dark rural paths or on lonely roads far off from civilisation - at night you want and need to be visible. This works in two ways: you need to be able to see obstacles but you also need to be seen by the surrounding traffic. With Supernova's anti glare Airstream you can easily be seen by others while your view is not affected in environments that are either very bright or where there is barely any light at all. The Airstream's high performance beam guides you safely through the night, even at a rapid pace and thanks to the Terraflux 2 lens, the Airstream makes you stand out even in an urban sea of lights. So when it comes to rechargeable front lights these benefits make the Airstream the obvious first choice

To compliment the Supernova Airstream and to make you visible all round to the surrounding traffic Supernova have designed the Airstream Tail Light. It is one of the smallest rechargeable tails lights in the world. The power for this light is supplied by the Airstream front light keeping it slim and light at 122 or 36 grams depending on the model. The three LEDs are equipped with Twin Beam technology, offering highly efficient lighting whilst the Airstreams overall burn time is only reduced by a few minutes. Attach the tail light to a pannier rack or nearly every seat post thanks to the universal seat post clamp. This light is unaffected by heavy vibrations and can withstand the heaviest of downpours as it is entirely water proof thus ensuring you will always arrive at your destination safe and sound
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