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Supernova Lights   Supernova Lights : Rear Lights For Dynamos & E Bikes

You know how it is - sometimes you just want to jump on your bike and cycle all day and all night without having to recharge your battery before hand. A dynamo light is a great advantage in situations like this. No matter whether you need it for your every day use or on your travels, it is ready when you are - without further maintenance. Almost magically it provides you with unlimited light. Because the power is self generated, dynamo lights are totally eco friendly so that you can turn on your lights without a guilty conscience even during daytime for additional safety. Because dynamos lights have an endless energy source and work with the highest efficiency they are very popular with 24 hour racers and audax riders.

Supernova have now developed a range of stunning front lights for E Bikes. The rear dynamo lights in this section can be used in conjunction with these E Bike lights.

Supernova offer the option to return your light to them in due course for an upgrade to the latest LED technology. The cost for this in 2016 is from about 50.
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